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Robert C. Storms
17 Bethany Drive
Commack, NY 11725
Tel: 631-543-1917
Fax: 631-864-1921
Phone Hours: Mon - Fri
10AM - 10PM EST
E-Mail Address:


Selling on

Whether you are an experienced dealer/collector, or a novice seller, provides you with another alternative in the High grade Market for selling books. With very little work and no up-front advertising costs, sellers are able to tap into another collector pool in order to increase or generate sales.

How It Works:

a).  Commission rate on sold items is 10% (discounted to 8.75% for items over $10,000, and 7.5% for items over $100,000).
No commission is levied on unsold items.
b).  Only items with an asking price of $25.00 or more can be listed on
c).  There is no charge for listing an item until the item is sold.
d).  When you list your items on, you will benefit from advertising expenditures at no cost to you.
e). can provide you with an instant customer base.
f).  Credit Card/Paypal fees are absorbed by
g). will give you the option of holding the listed items on your premises while listing. However, if you choose this option, you are limited to the items only being shown on the website and gain no benefit from office visits and convention sales. I am not putting it in "stone" that you list exclusively with but you are creating the "illusion" that there is more than one copy out there. Listing on multiple sites does not help you in realizing the highest price for your item.
h).  A seller listing on must be able to grade accurately by Overstreet grading standards or have their books certified by CGC. If you don't trust your grading it's strongly suggested you send the books to to have the grade verified. In addition, if you are sending books to you are responsible for e-mailing an itemized list (Excel preferred) to with the Title, Issue, Grade and Price of each book. Failure to send an itemized list will result in the books being returned at your expense. On items over $500 it is strongly suggested that the books be CGC'd to save you and me the "grading/restoration" issue.
i).  If any listed item is no longer available in the future, you must immediately delete it from the database. This is necessary in order to keep the listings current.
j).  If you put your item up for auction on eBay or list it with any auction house the item must be removed from
k).  To sell on, you must agree to the execution of sales details directly below, as well as our Terms and Conditions.

Execution of Sale Details

Upon notification from that your sell order can be filled, you are obligated to ship the sold item(s) to at your expense by a recognized courier service such as FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service or UPS. You must use best efforts to make certain that receives your item(s) within five (5) business days following the date you have been notified, or is not obligated to process the sale (although may still choose to do so). In the event that a carrier charges a receiver's fee or a customs fee, that fee will be passed on to you.

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